Freelance Design & Marketing Services On The Gulf Coast of Florida And Beyond

A Bit Tied Up — I am currently unavailable for any website or graphic design services. I do, however, still provide marketing consultation services upon request.

Website Design

Up until a few years ago, web sites were designed exclusively for desktop computer. [It was the only place you could get the internet!] Now, with laptops, netbooks, tablets, and smart phones of all shapes and sizes, you never know what kind of screen your page will be seen on.

Website services shouldn't start and stop with visual design. Code efficiency and proper planning the design phase is also a major component in your search engine optimization.

Graphic Design

Your web site, menus, posters, e-newsletters, flyers, postcards, stickers, coasters, packaging, etc. can say a lot about the heart and soul of your business. What do your promotional materials say? Make sure they speak with one strong, consistent voice!


You're an expert at your thing - your skill set or product is what you do best. A marketing consultant helps to guide you through the processes of developing your business presence, identifying areas for improvement and offering guidance for optimal operation.